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Metal fencing has long been the fencing of choice for property owners looking for durability and security. Metal fencing provides the protection you need for your residential or commercial property, depending on the reinforcement, height, etc. you can keep intruders out and your loved ones in. Additionally, metal provides many different design options. Often people picture chain-link when they think of metal fencing, but there are actually many different materials, colors, and style options that we can provide for a great price. Are you looking to install a new metal fence on your property? Let our skilled and experienced fence contractors design and install the fence your property needs!


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Types of Metal Fencing

At McKinney Fencing, we have a great variety of metal fencing to protect and adorn your property. Each material we offer has its own unique and advantageous attributes. If you’d like to know more about each option, read through the sections below.

Steel Fences

One fear that many property owners have is that if they buy a metal fence it will corrode and rust quickly with extended weather exposure. However, with our professional installers, the use of high-quality treatments and new advances in manufacturing practices, metal is an unbeatable choice for longevity and durability. Steel fencing is built to last. Many steel manufacturers these days are so confident in the quality of their fencing that they provide a lifetime guarantee. Due to its heavy weight, it resists damage from seasonal storms and flying debris. In addition to durability, it is also extremely effective for security. We can incorporate anti-ramming, anti-climbing, and security gate features to your steel fence to make it nearly impenetrable. Upon installation, we apply rust-resistant paint and coatings to ensure that you’ll have no problems with water finding its way into joints or welds.

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Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fencing is another great choice to consider for your metal fence. It is lighter than steel, making it cheaper to transport and install. Even though it’s lighter, it is still very strong and provides similar security features. It is so hardy that it will not warp, bend, or peel with weather exposure or impact. Other than durability, aluminum fencing offers several design options to add aesthetics and value to your residential or commercial property. You can choose both the style and finish color that will match perfectly with your design tastes. Once your aluminum fencing is installed, it requires very little maintenance. With a high-quality powder-coated finish, you won’t need to reapply or recoat for many years to come.

Ornamental Metal Fences

Ornamental metal fencing lends an elegant and debonair look to your residential or commercial property. This type of fencing adds a vintage feel to your property, without losing any of the durability or strength of steel or aluminum. A popular metal choice for ornamental fencing is ornamental iron. You keep all the benefits of security and longevity in addition to showing off your unique style. We can provide a variety of personalization and detailing choices with different colored, and textured or non-textured powder-coated finishes. When it comes to design, the sky’s the limit. Not sure what type of ornamental fencing is right for you? Give us a call now for a free consultation. Together we’ll design the perfect ornamental metal fence for your property!

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Keep Your Family Safe and Secure With a Metal Fence.

In summary, if you are a residential or commercial property owner and you’re looking for a fence that provides longevity, durability, security, versatility of design, and easy maintenance, metal is your material. It is low-cost and easy to install while lasting for many years. They are great for climates that experience strong seasonal storms, extended sun exposure, heavy winds, and any other extreme weather conditions.

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