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Pool Fences in McKinney, Texas

Constructing a swimming pool fence around your pool is not only the smart option, but it is also often required by law. We can provide a plethora of different pool fences depending on your particular budget, timeline, design preferences, and desired level of protection. There are ordinances that require specific heights and locking mechanisms for commercial properties. For commercial swimming pool fences, it is common to install self-closing or self-latching gates, anti-climbing features, and other important safety measures. It can be overwhelming to design and install your own swimming pool fence, that’s why we recommend leaving it up to us, the professionals. Our expert installers and consultants know exactly what is required and are well versed in the city and state codes. Give us a call for a free consultation!

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Safety and Peace of Mind

The number one reason that property owners install pool fencing is to have peace of mind. An exposed swimming pool can be a big liability. It can attract unwanted intruders, raise the risk of accidents, and allow unsupervised small children or pets to fall in. A well-constructed pool fence will help you keep all the benefits a pool can bring (higher quality of life, increased property values, and increased likelihood of resale) without sacrificing safety. With this added safety barrier, you can keep your loved ones safe from potential harm and unwanted intruders out. Now that you have decided to go for safety and peace of mind, it´s time to select the kind of fencing that best works for you. Read through the sections below for a survey of our most in-demand pool fencing options.    

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Mesh Pool Fences

Mesh pool fencing is a great option for pool owners looking for durability and ease of maintenance. Mesh fencing is perfect for keeping small children away from the pool, is impossible to climb, and prevents passersby from pushing their trash through. We can even make removable mesh barriers that you can fold up and store when not in use. This type of fencing is also great for irregularly shaped pools, or pools with protrusions, or distinct landscaping features. They are also low cost, very quick to install, and customizable to your particular design taste. We know Texans are serious about their pools, which is why we offer every solution possible to keep your family safe while enjoying your pool!

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Other Pool Fence Types

Besides mesh fencing, we provide many other types of swimming pool fencing. Each type has its own set of advantages, disadvantages, and maintenance requirements. We know just how overwhelming it can be when there are so many options, so we´ve focused on the top three most common pool enclosure materials. Our top sellers are glass, metal, and wood. Each one provides a unique aesthetic.


Metal pool fencing (ornamental iron, aluminum, or chain-link) is common because it is easily customizable, quick to install, very durable, and difficult to penetrate.


Glass is also very popular because it allows a lot of light to come through, has great visibility, and is easy to customize for your design needs. It is also very secure as it is hard to climb.


Wood fencing is great because it lends privacy to the pool area, it can be constructed higher for added security, and it is very versatile in its design. Although wood can be susceptible to water damage, with the right material and treatment, it can last just as long as other waterproof materials.    

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The right type of fence for your pool is largely based on your design and safety preferences as well as the layout of your backyard.

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