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Wood fencing lends a traditional and classic look to any residential or commercial property. Due to its accessible pricing and extensive personalization options, it remains a top choice. We offer all types of wood fencing, McKinney residents can trust. Wood is renowned for its versatility of design, material, and color options. Regardless of whether you need a quick repair, a replacement, or a new install, wood has it all. We can work closely with you to understand your particular design requirements, budget limitations, timeline, and functionality. Our mission at McKinney Fence Specialists is to create the perfect fence for you and your property!

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Types of Wood Fencing

We have many types of wood fencing materials available. Because of its versatility, many can become overwhelmed by the sheer number of wood styles, colors, and types available. Great wood can be found at any price point! Below we’ve listed some of the most popular types. Hopefully, the following sections will guide you in your choice of material.

Cedar Fencing

Cedar fencing is a gorgeous wood option that gives you all the aesthetics with none of the fragility. Cedar is extremely durable due to its tight grain, low number of knots, and natural oil content. The natural oils secreted from the wood keep it from warping, twisting, and shrinking even under extreme weather exposure. These oils also help it resist damage caused by insects and rodents. With a quality sealant applied upon installation and a yearly reapplication, your fence will keep its alluring red hue for many years to come. Your fence may require the occasional plank replacement over the years, but in general, it is a low commitment that provides great aesthetics and value to your property. However, it does require more maintenance than synthetic or metal materials, so you should ensure that you’re ready for the commitment.

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Treated Wood Fencing

Treated wood provides a wallet friendly alternative to some of the more costly and unique wood varieties. There are many homeowners that go for treated wood fencing because it has a lower overall cost while still maintaining the classic attributes of quality wood. In addition to aesthetics, treated wood is weatherproof and resists damage from insects. However, as opposed to cedar, treated wood can be susceptible to warping and twisting with the passage of time. This means that moderate regular maintenance is required to keep your fence looking new. In order to prevent as much warping as possible, we only choose the highest quality planks in our installation. Upon installation we make sure to use a high caliber sealant to safeguard against damage and promote longevity. We also recommend a frequent assessment of your fence to check if it needs to be resealed or painted to keep it looking fresh.

Redwood & Teak Fences

Redwood and Teak fencing are beautiful and highly coveted types of wood in commercial and residential properties alike. They are premium materials that can carry a high price tag. However, the decorative value it adds to your property is beyond price. Redwood and Teak have a naturally silky texture and shine that makes them great as an adornment for smaller areas. If you would like to highlight the entrance of your property through an arch, or unique gate enclosure, this is a great wood choice. Like Cedar, Redwood and Teak provides natural protection against water damage, shrinking, and insect infestations. To ensure your fence maintains its natural beauty, we recommend a yearly or biyearly application of a penetrating sealant or natural oil.

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Why Choose a Wood Fence?

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Beautiful, Durable, Natural.

As we’re sure you have noticed, although wood lends a beautiful and natural beauty to your property, it can also require regular maintenance to make sure that it stays functional and aesthetically appealing. Perhaps the greatest advantage of wood is its diversity of design options. It comes in virtually every style, hue, and texture. Wood fencing goes with any and every type of property, building, and landscape. Wood types can vary greatly in price, allowing you to choose the right one for your budget. With a higher-priced wood, you can even enjoy greater durability.


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